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                                                                                  JOHNSON Family Crest

Known for strong, opinionated women and loyal, upstanding men - the Johnson's were the first family to settle the community now known as Grant, LA. We have made a major impact on this community and have had a hand in organizing the first post office, school, church, and helping bring such things as electricity, public water, and paved roads to this rural village.

Our roots are deep, our commitment is strong, and our will is unbreakable.

Rejoice in our heritage and be proud. But most importantly remember to always pass on the name of Johnson with honor.

My name is Neil Johnson and I am the Webmaster of this site.

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9月 16, 2012
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5月 28, 2010
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3月 29, 2010
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2月 26, 2010
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10月 29, 2009
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5月 18, 2009
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9月 24, 2008
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5月 25, 2008
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このウェッブサイト:Louisiana Surnames - Louisiana Researchers February 2010 pp 1-6
投稿者: 2010年2月26日 12:48 Louisiana Genealogy Blogs

Louisiana Genealogy Blogs

Alright everyone...Most of the names and dates that I have are now recorded. Please look to see if I have made any mistakes or if you have any dates, names, pictures, etc. that I do not have please e-mail me at ...

Thanks for visiting and I hope this helps us to continue to track our ancestors and our descendants.

Neil Johnson

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