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My name is Misha Horenstein and I am the Site manager of this site.

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The tree was compiled mostly by Mel Werbach, who has done a magnificent job through his own research and by combining a number of previous trees into this one.

The site was last updated on 2014年12月17日, and it currently has 57 registered member(s). 

I encourage site members to check their sections of the tree and make any changes or modifications to the data through this website. You may also contact me if for any reason you have difficulties. Photos and documents are more than welcome for inclusion.  My hope is that this website will encourage even more family communication than it has already. Enjoy!


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12月 17, 2014
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Laya Bitman さんがプロフィールを更新しました。
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家系:Origin of the family name
投稿者: 2009年12月28日 12:47 Misha Horenstein

One of the mysteries about our family is the origin of the name Horenstein (however you spell it). No one is sure what it means or why this name was chosen when we had a perfectly good family name, Katz, from several generations previously. Some, like myself, think Horenstein is a translation and slightly twisted version of Tzur Aharon (Rock of Aharon), Stein being the rock and Horen being a version of Aharon. Others say it was chosen after the Horyn River which runs through the city of Ostrog, Ukraine, although I am not sure if this is the same Ostrog where many family members once resided, since there is another city of that name in Poland. Whatever the origin of our family name no one has yet found any information about the generation that adopted this name. I believe surnames were first used by European Jews sometime during the 18th century. Can anyone throw any light on this question?
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