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My name is Marlene Knepper and I started this site. It was created using This system allows anyone to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click ここ to contact me. 私たちの系図は、このサイトにオンラインで公開されています!私たちの系図には、20297名の名前が含まれています.  


Update:  Aug 29, 2014 - I have been here several times over the last days and may continue to resume some work on my tree, however, the below message is still in effect. 


A word of caution:  I have STOPPED confirmations after finding over 118 pages of listed errors from a report I ran on the Family Tree Maker which include: child older than parent, child born after death of parent, descendant older than ancestor, descendant ancestor age mismatch, wrong designation of husband and wife, died too old, alive but too old, parent too young, parent too old, large spouse age difference, married too young, too young to be spouse, multiple marriages of same couple (duplicate entries), maiden name similar to married name, inconsistent name spelling, alias in first name (i.e., nickname in first name field), tagged in photo before birth, tagged in photo after death, fact occurring after death, fact occurring before birth, siblings age (too close), siblings with same first name (but often a child was given the same name of an infant that died) but could be a double entry i.e., John Foss - John Frost or duplicate, siblings with different last names (could be half/step, married but no spouse attached or typographical), incorrect use of uppercase/lowercase, (usually dit (sic) names or double names), years with 2 digits (usually month and day with no year entered), inconsistent place name spelling, inconsistent last name spelling, double spaces in names, etc.  Most of the issues arise from the so-called "Smart Matches" with conflicting and/or non-documented data.  However some duplication issues are due to the fact I didn't check to see if a spouse already existed in my tree.  I didn't think of the possibility at the time, but there could be a warning that a similar person exists which would prevent some duplicate entries. They give warnings when editing, such as deleting people or connecting to another, and preventing removal of parents from an older child unless you keep one or delete the children first, and on and on. 

My biggest peeve is the "Smart Matches" with completely different names, sex, and if a date is entered, the names may be similar but the dates are not close. They could be related, another generation, or no connection at all.   I have become rather frustrated with My Heritage and having contacted them several times regarding these issues after realizing there were bigger issues after I first spoke with them.  Nothing has been done to rectify the problems.  A big reason for my lack of interest in working on my site!   I have yet to hear from My Heritage and that was about 2+ years ago.  

In addition, I was adopted and was doing this research for my adopted family as it is impossible to do my own without more information than I have; and was mainly for my Mother.  In the beginning I enjoyed doing the research, but after finding so many problems and the passing of my Mother, it seemed pointless to spend so much time on a project the rest of my family showed no interest in.  I may just let my subscription run out and not renew it unless there are some major changes.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.


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