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Denis Rex Perenara

参加済み:2010年9月1日 (4年前)
調査中の家系:Perenara, Heremia, Te Tihi
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Denis Rexさんは2回訪問 最終閲覧は2012年10月6日です (2年前)


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Glennis Harford Hi Im Back :) have you been able to view my tree? It has all mums side of the family on it
3 年前
Denis Rex Perenara Yes. Interesting and yes addictive!!!
3 年前
Roger Henare Hey Cuz how do I add my kids and brothers and sisters
2 年前
Roger Henare Or cuz to sign on as a site manager like you for the henare-Revell side for my whanau
2 年前
Denis Rex Perenara Tena koe cuzzie

I have sent some info to your email. But I see that some info was added to day, with pics even!!!!

Did you work it out how to add whanau??
2 年前
Mary Brenda Hine-ruku Perenara Hi there my name is Mary Perenara I am daughter to Richard Perenara my uncle is Micheal Perenara Are we related. We are from Matata My site is Mary Perenara site Can visit if you want let me know Thanks
2 年前
Denis Rex Perenara Tena koe Mary
We are actually Heremias as somewhere along the line our Tupuna for whatever reason, changed our name to Perenara. I think the Perenara's from Matata are the
I went to college with Tame Minarapa from Matata. Is he still in Matata???
2 年前