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Douglas Finney

参加済み:2010年7月10日 (4年前)
調査中の家系:Finney, Farquhar, Webster, Archbold
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Nelda Bushman Thank you for your offer to let me join the Finney Web Site. I would like to very much. I do have more information on Effie Mae Bills but unfortuanatly it is stored in a box out of my reach. I am in a wheel chair but as soon as I can get someone to get it for me I will look it up and see that you get it. Thanks again, Nelda Bushman Vails
3 年前
Shirley Jean Rayburn Doug, much of the information drawn from my family's Rayburn/Whithead/Ziegler/Sensel site into yours has carried over incorrectly, listing on your site granddaughters and grandsons as the person's brothers and sisters, photos shown for the wrong people, names misspelled or incorrect, etc. So Smart Matches are not legitimate confirmation as MyHeritage would like us to believe. I've annotated most of the changes but with 108 "matches" got tired of noting each one. I hope you will trace through those I've marked and made the corrections so the errors don't carry on to others' matches with your site.
Douglas Finney Hi Shirley Jean,
Good of you to point out the many errors in my tree. I have long had doubts about the accuracy of the way Smart Matches are reported. Thankyou, I'll try to clear your family data for next publication. I presume that I can check with your published tree?
You were asking - I live in Ottawa, Ontario, but my daughter and family live in Calgary, Alberta. They have a ski chalet in Fernie, southeast B.C. I don't suppose that is where you go? I spent Christmas and New Years there. Many years ago, we visited Washiington - stayed at Omak and toured the Grand Coulee hydro electric plant. Happy days!
Thanks again.
Frank H. Weeks Hi Doug; I have updated Chapman's book on Leonard Weeks and Descendants if interested let me know.
Barbee Hodgkins Doug, we lived near Omak Washington 1967-1976. Enjoyed the area very much. Nice to have that connection.
237 日前