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Mom Hi Eddy,
I am Cherise (Bement), Lucero. I am Kenneth Allen, and Oteria Gurganious Wootton's daughter. My mother, Oteria,
was born 9-5-1932, in Jacksonville, FL. Her mother's name was Exie Meta Gurganious, married "Eldwin Edward Wootton. Eldwin Edward Wootton, was from Midway, Utah.
Resided in Jacksonville, FL & Tarpon Springs area, until Exie's death. He then resided in Arizona with his niece or nephew. How are we reloated? Thank you, Cherise
5 年前
Michelle Munger Mr. Edddy,
My name is Michelle (Munger) Taylor. I am the daughter of Guy and Helen (Hamilton) Munger. I wanted to correct something in your research if I may. That being that my mother was born in the year of 1928. I have the docs to prove this.
I also wish to tell you that you do have the correct dates with my sister Sharon Kaye . I thought perhaps I might pass on to you why I got them wrong. My Mom always told me that if I had been born just an hour earlier, I would have been born on my sisters birthday. I misunderstood this to mean just a year earlier. I was wrong,,I just talked to my older sister Marcia, and she told me that you were right.
Thanks for correcting this,
Michelle (Munger) Taylor
5 年前
Michelle Munger Mr. Eddy,,Michelle (Munger) Taylor here again. I tried to edit information with my sister Melinda Gaye Munger (Moses), Rush),(Wojack). I was not allowed to do this,,my sister is a reference number in your research. Mr. Eddy,,my sister might be a ref # to you, but she is flesh and blood to me, my younger sister. And mother,sister,and aunt to any of us that come here.
5 年前
Kathy Schmidt Mr Eddie, I hope that you are well and able to respond to my questions. My name is Kathy Schmidt and I have just recently become interested in MyHertiage. You have my family listed in your tree. All our elder members of our family have passed, so we have a small family and few answers to our Heritage. Could you help ? It would be much appreciated. My e-mail address is Thank-you, Kathy Schmidt
4 年前
Pamela Nail Listed under the Eddy family for a match to my family there is a, Elizabeth Anne Eddy with a Birthdate of 1960, I knew this cousin as Lisa. Anne Elizabeth would have been her mother, Ann Stevenson Eddy, b. 1930?
3 年前
Delmar Olson Mr. Eddy, my wife's great great great grandfather Stephen HENRY Harrington (1793) of Wayne NY married Sally Eddy (1795) in the early 1800's. I am stalemated on resaerching previous on the Harrington line. Would you have any infomation for me to assist? You may reach me at thank-you
2 年前
Hazel Smith Hi My name is Hazel Lynn Harris Smith I am the granddaughter to Arthur Barrett Miller and Hazel Rose Green Miller, If you would like you can reach me at 713-924-7770. My mother was Margie Miller which has passed away 2007.
2 年前